Simplifying your Routines

Last Friday I talked about how I still struggle with schedules.

I have been walking hand in hand with God trying to figure myself out and what works for me. I so desperately want to be laid back. My goodness...I am so naturally uptight and I HATE IT!

I'm going to be homeschooling this coming school year - which by the way, I have hubby's blessing on now. Yes he has concerns, but I have the green light to do that. I still have to prove to myself (and at the same time him) that I can handle it. I so easily get stressed out over the stupidest things! Hubby actually called me a skitzo one morning. Definitely not doing well in the "proving" department if you ask me.

I want to be able to go with the flow, and handle things as they arise.

Night time is horrible for me. 

This is what my routine was:

6:30 - throw a load of wash in, gather all the dishes, clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher and run it, give the kids a bath, take the trash out, take the dog out and put him to bed, prep morning coffee & tea, make my son's lunch for school, get the kids to bed, throw the clothes in the dryer, shower and go to bed. see I put 6:30 there. Hubby works early so we try to go to bed by 8:00. I am so stressed trying to get all that done in that short time frame (remember there are interruptions too).

So I took laundry out of the equation and do it during the day.

But that wasn't enough.

I was still going nuts.

So I prayed...God showed me I can skip the baths (3 year old can take one during the day and my oldest can take a shower in the morning), trash can be taken out in the afternoon, and so can't the prepping of the coffee and tea and making my son's lunch. The dog isn't really an takes like 30 seconds.

Since I've changed all that I can breathe! Really all I do now is just clean up from dinner and the dishes!

I'm hoping to make a simpler bed time routine for the boys of just brushing teeth, put pjs on, maybe 1 bedtime story and done. I go to bed between 8-9 so at 7:30 I'm whooped. 

Ladies, does your routine drive you nuts? Or is there any part of your day that is really stressful? What can you do to fix it? Pray and really think about it!

Let me know what happens!! :-)