Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemaking Around the Internet

I would like to share with you some homemaking articles and findings I have read around the internet. 
So are you ready?

Here goes:

For starters, have any of you read the book called "Fascinating Womanhood?" I consider it a must read (and it's free!)! In fact, that is the only book on marriage I'll read because it answers and fixes EVERYTHING! Anyways, I found a blog that is written by a woman who teaches Fascinating Womanhood classes! Click HERE.

Ladies Against Feminism has an AWESOME article on the difference between homemaking and housework. In fact, I have printed this out and stored in my home management binder! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check it out!

Over on Desiring Virtue, I read an article that I absolutely love called "An End to Your Work Day." It's something I have started since my son began school. She talks about planning your day in a way that certain duties you have, have an end to them. As homemakers our job never ends...but certain duties can. And you have to somewhat make a "plan" to be able to do this. For example, I get laundry and emptying the dishwasher done the first thing in the morning....early!. While my son is eating breakfast and watching a little TV before school, I get all the beds made, cleaned up and vacuumed (and still have an hour with him). The kitchen counters are cleaned off, and dirty dishes go in the emptied dishwasher. By the time he leaves for school, the whole house is picked up and I don't do anymore cleaning (except my mini bathroom cleaning and cleaning while the coffee brews) until an hour before he comes home (that includes throwing a load of wash in. I do the laundry at night so all I have to do is fold them in the morning). He and hubby get home around the same time so it works out perfectly. I save "detailed" cleaning for when hubby is home but busy doing/fixing stuff around the house. Some days he's busy all day and I feel guilty not doing something. So this is when I do a deeper cleaning and/or organizing something. 

Over on Courtney's blog - Women Living Well, she has an article she wrote back in February that I just love. I've read it a few times and it is called My Reflection on the Academy Awards. Now she's not really talking about the Award show. She's talking about the red carpet in front of her kitchen sink. I highly recommend you check out the article! Here is a quote from it:

"There is no greater honor than the red carpet walk I do every morning in my kitchen."

Over on A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, I read an article called The "Perfect" Titus 2 Woman. A great read in my opinion!

This one is from findings I found awhile ago from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
 I have recently created an extension to my Home Management Binder, since I'm running out of room lol,  I got another binder and called it "Home Literature." It's basically where I store articles, ebooks, etc that is about homemaking. I called it Home Literature because for some reason I found the word "Literature" to sound super intelligent and deep LOL. Because we all know I'm deep right? lol

So let's begin!

I really believe that there is an attack going on not only against women, but specifically moms and homemakers. We need to know how important our job is as not only a homemaker, but as a wife and mother.

She talks about the lies we've been fed and what to do about it.

Sometimes we need to be reminded how much influence we have in our womanly role! And then once we realize it, we need to use it the benefit of God and our family and those around us!

This is one of my favorite posts on her blog and highly recommend you read it. It's written in a way of a mother speaking to her child. It's very sweet.

Great short article on how our temperament makes a home


This talks about having a gentle and quiet spirit. 

A great great great post on our home - quoted from JR Miller

Here are some more (in an effort to not fill this post with pictures and make all your computers take forever, I have listed the rest)

A mission field is not just some far away place, it's right in our home. "Have you viewed your home as a mission field?" - June Fuentes

Oh how I love this post - even down to the picture. This talks about going to Jesus - to a "quiet place"

This post talks about a Christian woman's priorities

This is a good reminder that no matter what we are doing, we are teaching. 

Here is an articled titled "Don't Revere the Pioneer." If you love to read about how women did things in the old time - this one is for you. If you ever wonder why you can't do a certain task when women years ago had to wash their clothes by hand - this one is for you.
I have always had a fascination with women from the past. My Nook is filled with homemaking books from the early nineteen hundreds...even late eighteen hundreds. I didn't realize how much I would subconsciously feel bad about getting tired of doing chores, such as the laundry when they had to do them by hand. But, like this article has said, our standards are different than back then. Back then the average person had 2 outfits and one for Sunday. So imagine having your husband come home from work and him going to work the next day wearing the same clothes? Gross right? Well it didn't bother them then.We have higher standards of clean, which means more clothes and more laundry. They may have only washed a few items once a week but we have a lot more clothes to take care of. 
She talks a lot about similarities like that. I highly recommend it. It actually freed me from what I thought was a fascination with "pioneer" women, when in fact I was feeling bad about myself. It's very freeing to know that we work just as hard, if not harder, than the women before us.
After all, "No pioneer woman ever stepped on a Lego block." - Mrs Eva H

This article is written by the same woman who writes the blog A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. It's one of those articles that I highly recommend you fact I think that way with all of them today (well really, if I posted them on here it's because I liked the article so much I think others should read them anyways lol). This article is another one that helped me with my value as a homemaker. 
"Home culture takes planning…it takes time…it takes thought." - Mrs June Fuentes

I printed this one too. It's just a practical and enjoyable read that makes you want to go do something in your home to make it more comfy.

This is another powerful article. Do you view yourself as Queen of your home or just someone who has to clean up after everyone and is everyone's "slave?" This article is WONDERFUL!!!
"It is one of Scripture’s beautiful mysteries that as we lay down our lives in happy service to the Lord and our families – loving and helping our husbands, teaching and training our children, caring for our homes and reaching out the hand of hospitality – we are actually elevated to a position of nobility that far exceeds what any career could ever offer." - Jennifer McBride

Again, another must read...but this is a must MUST read lol. It's a short read so please check it out. I wanted to write an article about how Satan is attacking the woman's roll but this post just about sums it up!
"It seems reasonable to me that Satan would have launched such an attack against the home, the family, motherhood and marriage.  He knows, far better than most of us, precisely where God’s Kingdom is best advanced and he has made it his mission to seek to destroy it." - Kelly Crawford

This post talks about the value of a woman leaving work to focus more on standing behind her husband and helping him be the best he can be, and therefore actually improving the family
"As wives, homemakers, and mothers, we get the most fulfilling, well-rounded “career” imaginable. We wear many hats, all of which have been laid out in Scripture for thousands of years. To us, they’re second-nature. So it’s a little amusing to see a “dyed-in-the-wool” feminist “discovering” truths that most of us have just practiced quietly for years–all while being ridiculed, put down, sneered at, or mocked as “baby machines,” mindless drones, slaves, and all manner of other ridiculous invectives." - Jennie Chancey

This is another post that helps us see the value in our role as homemaker
"So what’s so great about being at home? How could serving at home possibly be important in the grand scheme of things? After all, isn’t staying at home just about doing dishes, cleaning floors, and wiping runny noses? What’s so important about all that? Friends, this is exactly what Satan would like us to think about the woman’s role in the home. He is delighted when the home is reduced to a list of chores...." - Jennie Chancey